Feeding the Fire

behaviors counseling fires mental health mindset thoughts Nov 11, 2022

Recently, my husband cleared a substantial amount of trees on our property, and it made for an epic bon fire. We have 3 boys, so you can imagine the delight! The fire was raging soon after it was lit. No lie, it was flaming at least 60 feet in the air. The fire started out so tall, appearing as if it was stretching to the sky. Within an hour, it had dwindled down to a significantly smaller fire barely taller than our heads. A few more logs and debris were added and it flamed right back up, not up to 60 feet, but much flamier--ya know (yes, I totally made the word flamier up). :) The next day, after it had rained, the fire was basically gone. When stoked a bit, it flamed back up, but eventually, after not stoking it or adding any more logs, it just died out. 

It got me thinking? What fire am I feeding? What fires need to flame back back up? What fires need to die out? Our thoughts, our choices, our habits, and our actions are the logs that are either feeding a fire or letting it fade out. 

Fires I'd like to get flamier™ (I know, I've gone too far with this word, but now I can't stop) in my life are my prayer life and my physical health. I'd like to feed my fire of prayer by having more time set aside each day to pray. I'd like to create habits that point me to prayer throughout the day, instead of allowing my mind to wander to other things. My physical health fire needs some mindset changes about health as a priority. I'm quick to push that to the back burner when life gets busy. I also need to re-evaluate my schedule just a bit to make sure I have time to fit in feeding this fire. Fires I'm working on letting die out are my untrue thoughts that contribute to my insecurities. Instead, I'm choosing to focus on what is true. 

Now it's your turn! Notice what fires you are feeding and what fires are you letting die out? Do you want to make any changes? Are there fires you want to flame back up and are there fires you want to let die out? 



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