Emotions: They're Here for a Reason and... My New Fave Book on Emotions

blog emotions Feb 23, 2022

Fun fact: Naming your emotions rather than ignoring them helps you have more control over managing them! If you want to even take it a step further, pay attention to why it's there. 

My clients often times are in the habit of ignoring big or unpleasant emotions.  If I'm honest, I catch myself doing it sometimes too. I like to tell my clients, if that worked I'd help you push your emotions deep down and teach great skills to help you ignore them. But, y'all, it DOESN'T work. What you push down will end up coming up, and usually in a way you don't expect or plan for! 

If you're interested in my favorite book on emotions, Brene Brown's new book Atlas of the Heart is one of my new faves

You can purchase it by clicking this link.  https://amzn.to/3LXm2iW  *I am an Amazon Affiliate and may receive portions of this sale.

Brene's Book identifies the most common emotions. It's conversational, backed by research, and just really good. It will leave you feeling more equipped to identify your own emotions and the emotions of others. 






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